Crawfish Season: Houston’s Best Crawfish Restaurants! Mar25


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Crawfish Season: Houston’s Best Crawfish Restaurants!

Houstonians are you searching for the perfect spot to peel heads and suck tails… Well look no further, we have done the research for you!

Winter is finally coming to an end which means crawfish is flowing, especially in Houston! This also means prices have dipped down to less than $7 per pound, which means no more paying $10 for those small early season crawfish. Some of these restaurants have even resorted to all-you-can-eat specials!

These recommendations have come from personal experience, research and even local crawfish connoisseurs who make it their goal to find the best local spots!

88 Boiling Crawfish & Seafood- This high demand spot is located in the Westchase area on Briar Forest. This smaller joint may be hard to snag a table but it is well worth the wait! The “88 Special” seasoning mix blends cajun seasoning with garlic butter and lemon pepper which keep these crawfish irresistible. Don’t forget if you are in a hurry, there is a drive thru available!

The Boot- It is getting warm outside so if you are looking for a great patio to eat some crawfish and enjoy a cold beer, this is the spot! The Boot is owned by Louisiana natives so they can really get that Lousiana flavoring going. You won’t be able to resist the tingling you get on your lips from those tails and the burst of flavor from sucking the head. For those who do not eat crawfish, you aren’t left out, they offer great po-boys along with flavorful gumbo!

Hank’s Crawfish- Located on the West Side, Hank’s not only offers amazing cajun seasoning crawfish but they also have a great happy hour for those who want to leave work early! The cheap drinks, crawfish and variety of non-crawfish options makes this place a must when deciding where to spend your afternoon!

Crawfish Cafe- This Chinatown spot offers a variety of flavors to choose from when deciding your mood. The Thai Basil is the most popular but if you want a sweeter approach you can never go wrong with the house special mix of garlic butter and lemon pepper. They also offer wings with the different flavors available as well but if you are looking for something different, try the crawfish egg rolls!

Sam’s Boat- The blend of spices they use offer a jolt of flavor which can be washed down with a cold beer. Don’t forget the patio when the weather is warm and the bucket of beer they offer! If you are with a group of friends and family and they don’t prefer crawfish, they have many options to choose from along with Tex-Mex styled foods!

Crawfish House- The Vietnamese style crawfish joint is located near Chinatown. The “secret ingredients” they blend in their seasoning mix set their crawfish aside from the others. They also offer combo platters at a good prices which help when meeting everyone’s needs.

Now go explore and find your favorite crawfish joint!!!!