Working With A Realtor Could Save Your Home Nov14


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Working With A Realtor Could Save Your Home

There are many wonderful reasons why it’s worth your while to work with a realtor when you’re buying or selling a home. Realtors know the neighborhoods, know the communities, and know the current market forecast, meaning they’ll be able to move a house quickly. Despite the many strengths realtors bring to the table, there are some who decide they can buy and sell houses on their own. While this is certainly true, home owners run the risk of making crucial mistakes or simply being taken advantage of. Take, for instance, the case of three strangers who were caught in a custody dispute over a house in a Dallas suburb.

For over 30 years, Delta Oldfield lived in a house in Balch Springs, a suburb southeast of Dallas, until her parents became ill several years ago. Oldfield left many of her possessions and memories in her Balch Springs home in hopes to one day return. It was only a few months later that her son happened to drive by the old place and noticed that the home which was supposed to be empty was suddenly very occupied. Out of curiosity, Oldfield’s son checked the mailbox and found mail for Cristina Arce and her husband. The locks on the doors had also been changed.

Arce and her husband had no idea there would be a dispute when they bought the house for $38,000 cash. After they handed the money for the house over to a woman named Edith Garcia, they spent another $15,000 renovating the property. Garcia suspiciously disappeared after receiving her $38,000. That is, until the local police arrested her for forgery of documents.

According to an investigation by, a document bearing Oldfield’s signature was signed this spring, transferring the title of the house over to J and J #1, a company owned by Edith Garcia. Oldfield rejects this signature and says it’s a fake. At some point in between faking the signature and selling the house to Arce and her husband, Garcia transferred the title to a second company. When asked, Garcia claimed she had nothing to do with the house and even denied being arrested. As for Oldfield’s possessions left in the house? Arce says the home was completely empty when they moved in.

Unfortunately for both Delta Oldfield and Cristina Arce, it’s still not entirely clear who owns the Balch Springs home. Oldfield claims Arce legally owns the house since they paid for it. Arce agrees, saying they had no idea there was any foul play when they bought the home. Things might only get more complicated, too. Arce says she plans to sell the house soon.

It’s never nice to think about, but there are people who will take advantage of others to make a quick buck. Working with a trusted and professional realtor is a great way to protect yourself when you’re looking to buy or sell a piece of property. The trustworthy team at Modtown Realty will do more than just find the perfect property to match your lifestyle. They’ll represent you well as they put together purchase agreements, transfer titles, and even negotiate contract terms. If you’re in the market to buy a house in Dallas or the Metroplex, don’t go it alone. Call Modtown Realty today to speak with one of our experty professional realtors. Call today at (214) 521-8657!