Take a Hike! Through Dallas


Finally, the time has come–the time we have all been waiting for–there is a chill in the air and a need for a sweater in Dallas. I don’t know about you, but during the summer months, I stay in the A/C as much as I can. Now, I want to spend every second of my time outdoors! Everyone needs a reprieve from suburban life, and you can find yours not far from your home.

If you’re like me and are itching for something to do, check out the profiles of these hiking and walking trails around Dallas! Carve out some time for you and your family to explore Texas’ best hiking and walking trails.

Spring Creek Forest in Garland, Texas 

In the early eighties, a botanist discovered an untouched forest in Garland, Texas and fought for its preservation. It’s a good thing he did! Named after the creek running through, this landscape is covered in five varieties of oak, including chinquapin, bur, and shumard, a unique combination to say the least! There are several dirt trails and one quarter mile section of a concrete trail that leads to the water’s edge.

Arbor Hills Nature Center

Nestled in a slew of suburban neighborhoods and busy streets, you can find the 200-acre park known as the Arbor Hills Nature Center. The area is catered to walkers with several concrete paths that are surrounded by various local fauna and abundant wildflowers in the Spring!

Dogwood Canyon

Located at the entrance of Cedar Hill State Park, this gorgeous hiking area is yours for the taking. It is an expansive 270-acres that are filled with trails with actual hills–near Dallas, imagine that! Along the hills, you can see a plethora of trees and wildlife.

Make a trip to one of these areas and enjoy this autumn. Let wilderness take you out of your daily routine and enjoy a moment of peace among the trees and wildflowers.