Plano Balloon Festival

This weekend, the annual Plano Balloon Festival is happening! This is the 36th year that Plano is hosting this immensely popular occassion for the Dallas metroplex, and each year, tens of thousands of people show up to watch these huge balloons glow in the night sky. There are also several events surrounding the hot air balloons, including a fireworks show (that obviously takes place before the balloons are hoisted into the air), professional sky divers, and opportunities to run for charity.


The balloon festival offers a half-marathon, a 5k, and a 1k on Saturday, September 19th. After you run, you can replenish your energy with a variety of delicious food! This includes funnel cake, (of course) barbecue, bratwurst, kettle corn, and any other classic fair food you can think of–sounds like my kind of event!

Apart from the gorgeous scenery the hot air balloons contribute, there is also a competition amongst the hot air balloon pilots; they have a balloon fly-in competition, and whomever wins receives a prize. There are many balloons participating this year, including some older, more experienced balloons that have previously competed.


The festival is a lot of fun and games, and it also benefits the local community. The website boasts that “over 2.5 million dollars has circulated back into our community,” making this event an incredibly successful one! There are various non-profits that sign up to contribute and attend the Plano Balloon Festival, many of them being local. This festival engages Dallas from all ages groups, and encourages everyone to give to the non-profit of their choice.

The balloons are absolutely stunning at night; you should not miss this great opportunity to take the family out for the weekend, give to charity and help your community, and see some absolutely captivating hot air balloons! The weather this weekend is expected to be lovely, so come out to Plano this weekend for an unforgettable experience.