Oktoberfest 2015

As we all know, one of the best events in autumn (besides Thanksgiving and Halloween, of course) is the beloved event of Oktoberfest. If of age, you can commune with friends, drink “bier,” and partake in the polka.

Oktoberfest happens each year and generally runs from late September to early October. It is a happy occasion that has happened since the early 1800’s in Munich, Germany, and has thankfully reached us here in Dallas.

To get everyone excited to clink their steins and say “Prost!” here are a few fun facts about Oktoberfest to get everyone excited for the best part of German culture–the beer.

In 1910, the 100th anniversary of Oktoberfest was celebrated and an estimated 120,000 liters of beer were consumed, which is over THIRTY THOUSANDS GALLONS of that magnificent German gold.

In Munich, where the event originated, people come from all over Germany and all over the world to celebrate Oktoberfest. The largest Oktoberfest was in 1999: six and a half million people crowded in hundreds of tents, eating pretzels and demanding a stein.


The only beer that is allowed to be served during the Munich Oktoberfest is beer that is brewed in the city, perpetuating its Germanic allegiance and continual ritual, not to mention Munich’s incredible talent for brewing.

2.5 million Texans identify with a German heritage; what better time to explore your ancestry hand-in-hand with a pretzel and a pint? There are several notable Oktoberfest events in the Dallas area, all providing beer, live music, and lederhosen.

Even if you’re a Dallasite, you can visit those biergartens and pretend you’re a Munich local, partaking in a two hundred year old tradition that bonds all generations of people together in the best way: love of beer.

What’s your favorite Texas Oktoberfest? Let us know!