New Years Resolution

At the strike of midnight on New Year’s Eve, you exchange greetings and a kiss with those closest to you. The next step is a tradition that reevaluates your year and what habits you need to change, and the Modtown blogger is here to help! Changing a habit is never easy, but effort never betrays you. Here’s how to ensure that you commit to your New Year’s Resolution.

Declutter Your Life

This year, simplicity is the most popular resolution. Some say that external cleansing promotes internal cleansing, and I agree! Minimalism is an easier, stress-free way to live; clutter is just plain stress-inducing. Decluttering is proven to reduce stress, and it gives you a great opportunity to give to those less fortunate. The first step is to make a plan in your home and center yourself around the clutter hot spots, and tackle those rooms first. Then, take salvageable goods and clothes to the closest Goodwill or Salvation Army! You will feel weightless with all your clutter behind you. It reduces stress and allows you to give to others!

Get in Shape

Over a third of the population say that their New Year’s Resolution is losing that holiday weight that we all battle against, but it inevitably gets to us all. The gym is suddenly filled with people in January, but come February, everyone seems to fizzle out on their dedication to fitness. Why is that? Life gets in the way, and finding a time to work out isn’t always convenient, which is why you should rely on your smart phones to do that hard work for you and keep you accountable. Apps like My Fitness Pal, Endomondo, and Fitocracy help you to get fit and stay fit. Make your health a priority!

Improve Your Mental Health

Mental and emotional health should always be a priority, but sometimes it can escape us. Make yourself a priority! But don’t make your goal to extravagant–make it something approachable. That means, just commit to taking ten minutes to yourself every day for either meditation or prayer. Ten minutes of peace can truly set your mind at ease.

Happy New Year, and may your resolutions stick with you!