Love Field Renovations Breathe New Life Into Surrounding Area Nov01


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Love Field Renovations Breathe New Life Into Surrounding Area

Dallas is a town served primarily by two airports, DFW International Airport and Love Field. Ever since its introduction in 1974, DFW airport has received more attention as the largest airport in Texas and second largest in America. Dallas’ attention is now being directed towards Love Field with the end of the Wright Amendment and the efforts of a half-billion dollar renovation project. And as Love Field receives improvements, so too does the area surrounding it. With more money being funneled into the airport, real estate developers are planning apartments, hotels, and retail spaces in expectation of higher traffic.

This kind of development and enthusiasm could not have been made possible without the ending of the Wright Amendment. This piece of legislation was set in place once DFW International Airport was built, and restricted airlines at Love Field from flying non-stop to points past neighboring states. As a tradeoff, Love Field is reducing the number of gates at the airport, but they’re also spending plenty of money improving the airport to encourage more traffic through its gates.

Developers and land owners have been preparing for the lift of the Wright Amendment for some years and are now ready to capitalize on the expected increase in traffic through Love Field. For example, 37 acres of land west of the airport have been prepared to accommodate mixed-use buildings. Another group is planning to start construction next year on 1,100 apartments along with commercial and retail space in another area near the airport. There’s a large medical district in northeast Dallas near the airport as well, and expansions happening there are expected to supplement the real estate push.

Developers are already seeing the effects of the attention being paid to Love Field and the surrounding areas. One group has already built apartments in the area between Love Field and Parkland hospital and they are capturing higher lease rates than they expected.

Dallas’ hot real estate market has been seizing headlines for months now as companies relocate here and developers spend big on new projects. It’s hard to deny Dallas is the place to live in Texas at the moment, and if you’re looking to move you’ll need a realty group who understands the area better than anyone. As more businesses and people move to the area, now is the time to call one of Modtown’s lifestyle professionals to find the perfect home to match your needs.

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