Get Ready for Fall, Y’all

As most of my fellow Texans know, the summer heat is bearable only when under a constant stream of air conditioning. When September rolls around after three months of triple-digit weather, we are all wiping our brows and hoping that fall comes sooner rather than later.

In order to will autumn to hurry up to Texas, here are a few ways to prepare for everyone’s favorite season that is filled with ideal weather and beloved holidays! We’re all dreaming of the cool days that bring us football and pumpkin spice lattes.

Apart from the usual cleaning (i.e. sweeping, dusting, vacuuming) we have a few more ideas that help each home prepare for the colder weather. While imagining its 60 degrees outside and you have your favorite sweater on with a cup of apple cider in your hands, we advise that you:

1. Take winter linens out of storage to ensure your loved ones will be kept nice and cozy as the temperature drops.

2. Make sure your flowers and various plants are prepared for freezing to promote their health and reemergence in the spring.

3. (My personal favorite) Break out winter clothes out of storage! Get your scarves, boots, hats, and coats out of their dusty prison. After breaking a sweat walking to my car for three months, I am happy to gear up with mittens and boots to face the long-anticipated chill of fall!

4. Stock up on liquor for holiday entertaining. Guests are sure to come around more during this holiday season, so make sure you and your home are prepared to host your extended relatives while they lightly criticize your turkey-roasting abilities. You and your loved ones will surely need some wine.

5. Incorporate the outdoor foliage into your home decor, such as leaves, cranberries, and apples. They warm every home with various shades or red, gold, and brown, and make for exquisite centerpieces.

What do you do to get ready for fall? Leave us your comments!