Discover Uptown At 2127 Clark Street!

Modtown Realty is pleased to welcome the building of their newest properties on 2127 Clark Street. There are six gorgeous units that reside in the heart of Dallas. In honor of the foundation being poured today, we are going to look at some incredible venues that are extremely accessible to those lucky to live in this prosperous and charming location. 

The properties are located in a prime Dallas area; it is a short distance from Griggs Park, a beloved dog park that was completely remodeled in 2012. The additions included several new walking paths and seating. This serene park nestled in the trees has a phenomenal view of the skyline, and its the perfect sanctuary from the bustle of city life. It also gives your furry friends some time to stretch their legs and explore!


The property is also a street over from Dallas’ famous Nodding Donkey bar! The Nodding Donkey is a local favorite that offers the happiest of happy hours, and always hosts for large sporting events. You rarely find the Nodding Donkey empty, and for good reason!


2127 Clark Street is a convenient ten minute walk to Dallas’ famous McKinney Avenue. This locale allows you to explore the best that the city has to offer! This includes bars such as Renfield’s Corner and the Black Friar Pub, where you can find a slew of various people all brought together to enjoy a deserved cocktail after work. When the afternoons supply you with a warm breeze, you relish in the crisp, bubbly refuge that only a Moscow Mule can offer.

You can also visit the Uptown Plaza, which holds the praised Morton’s Steakhouse along with Smashburger and Snap Kitchen! Texans certainly pride themselves on being palette perfectionists, and Dallas takes it to a whole other level. The food is so excruciatingly delicious, you’ll either have to go for a run on Katy Trail tomorrow, or “promise” yourself this phenomenal food is only for special occasions.

Uptown is burgeoning with great food, unbelievable drinks, and unparalleled company. So make sure to remember Modtown and 2127 for an opportunity to really live in Dallas!