Blue Bell is Back and Better Than Ever!

Blue Bell ice cream is a staple item during summer in Texas; much like Whataburger and Shiner, Blue Bell is a beloved Texas company that has been around for ages. Whether you prefer Homemade Vanilla, Buttered Pecan, or Southern Blackberry Cobbler,  everyone loves Blue Bell.

This past year, Blue Bell and its fans got some bad news: Blue Bell ice cream was recalled. It was recalled due to an outbreak of listeria that was traced back to the factory, and it was shut down in April to undergo inspection.

This was obviously devastating to the people who grew up on Blue Bell and who love it dearly; this was especially detrimental to the people in Brenham, Texas, where the ice cream originated around a century ago.

Controversy aside, the Blue Bell company gave us ice cream lovers some good news a few weeks ago–Blue Bell is back! They have reintroduced their famous Homemade Vanilla back in stores in Texas, Oklahoma, and Alabama. After testing their delicious treats for listeria once again, they found that the ice cream is safe and better than ever!


In honor of their return, we have a bit of history on the Bluebell Creamery.

The Creamery opened in 1907 in Brenham, Texas, and directly ships to over 27 states (most of them Southern). Their flagship flavor is Homemade Vanilla, and it was the first ice cream company to sell Cookies N’ Cream nationwide.

The company has always boasted of its freshness, and for good reason: the cream used during each day’s production run is always less than 24 hours old. The factory itself is able to produce 100 pints of that tasty treat in one minute!

H-E-B’s in Austin and Houston as well as stores in Alabama are graced with this gift from the ice cream gods today.  Customers are buying Blue Bell faster than can be put on the shelves. Who can blame them? I’ve gone without Rocky Road for a long enough time, and like most Texans, I miss my summer fix of Blue Bell.


The next segment of Blue Bell’s reintroduction to society is North Texas, so Dallas, get ready to have your Blue Bell once more! What are your favorite flavors? Comment on this article so we can all get excited about Blue Bell.