What Goes Around Comes Around

A wise man once said “be the change you want to see in the world.” That wise man was Ghandi and his brilliance is still resonating in our society today. The Urgency Network  is one example of this kind of brillance and compassion that Ghandi was speaking of; the kind of movement that keeps one believing there is still a powerful force for good in this world and that when you provoke that good, well, it comes back to you. We here at MODTOWNREALTY are firm believers in this cosmic, karma system and we stand by The Urgency Network’s slogan, “No Good Deed Goes Unrewarded.”

The Urgency Network is an online platform that connects non-profits, musicians, celebrities, fans and brands in a single online community engineered to create a positive impact around the globe. Urgency participants can win “larger-than-life” experiences by completing social actions like watching awareness videos, donating or opting-in to mass tweets. The more you participate the more likely your chances are of earning one of the phenomenal Grand Prizes some of which include a meet and greet with Paul McCartney, Linkin Park or Sir Richard Branson. More importantly though are the campaigns that The Urgency Network are fighting for like Save The Artic, the Ten Island Renewable Challenge and Power the World. Please check out their website linked above to learn more about each of these crucial, globe altering campaigns.

So please check out The Urgency Networks site and donate, tweet or just take a gander but remember, every little bit helps!