Top Management Opportunities at World Class Orange County Facility

One year ago, Invista, a Koch Industries subsidiary, chose its production facility in Orange to be the first home of its next generation adiponitrile (ADN) technology, a chemical used in nylon manufacture.

Invista is a world leader in the manufacture of nylon, spandex, resin and chemical polymers. The company boasts proprietary technology that is used in over 75 percent of the world’s ADN nylon manufacturing. The latest advance was as a result of over 4 years of research and a $40 million investment.

In a company release at the last year, Bill Greenfield, executive vice president of Invista’s nylon intermediates business said, “The fact that we are willing to retrofit one of our company’s largest manufacturing plants shows our customers that we are confident in our ability to commercialize the technology. We have a fantastic group of employees in Texas and around the world dedicated to making the implementation of this technology a success.”

The project is moving ahead and currently creating jobs not only in the manufacturing sector but also in management, for qualified professionals willing to move to the area. Invista is currently looking to fill two important positions at the Orange facility: Systems and Project manager.

On its website the company describes the role of the Systems manager as promoting their culture, being a leader at the site and developing senior operations engineers and operations engineers.

The Project managers role is more wide-reaching, as they have responsibility over all projects and operations at the site and are also charged with creating and following budgets and ensuring accountability.

Both positions require bachelor degrees and at least five years of experience in related fields. If you feel like either of these position appeal to your strengths and you’re interested in working for an internationally renowned company then, after you apply, contact Modtown Realty Group. Our Lifestyle Professionals will find you the best houses for sale in Orange County to match your family’s needs.