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Top Fitness Studios in Newport Beach

Everyone knows that Newport Beach is home to fabulous shopping and out-of-this-world eating. But after you’re done chowing down and raiding those high-end boutiques, you need to get your butt into a gym so you can still fit into those pants you just bought.

Here are some great local gyms and fitness studios that offer unique ways to trim down and build strength.

Curl Fitness
Helpful for: Creative, never-boring workouts.

Anyone who’s battled an overcrowded gym knows how unpleasant sweating alongside hundreds of your peers can be. You definitely won’t run into that problem at Curl Fitness, however. It’s a large gym that makes sure to carry multiples of the same machine to minimize that “hurry up and wait” mentality that pervades so many gyms. They also offer a wide variety of unique workout classes that you won’t find anywhere else, like the energetic martial arts-inspired Body Combat class.

Living Fitness
Helpful for: Whipping your body into shape, stat.

Living Fitness is committed to personalizing your training as finely as possible, and to getting you results fast. They offer machine-focused workouts, strength training and Pilates to help increase both your strength and your flexibility in an elegantly designed facility.

D.B. Fitness
Helpful for: Those seeking the personal touch.            

There’s a reason personal training has become so popular in recent years—it gets results. Personal trainers get to know your body and your limits inside and out, and they can precisely customize your workouts to suit your goals. D.B. Fitness’s personal trainers and small-group training sessions work to push you to a whole new effort level in a intimate, community-focused environment. They also offer corporate training to get the whole office feeling healthier and more productive.

Imagine Fitness
Helpful for: Specific training goals.

Want to hit a marathon in a few months? They’ll get you there. Want to tone your arms? You’ll be flaunting those guns in sleeveless blouses all summer. Want to build your core up? Prepare for some drilling! Imagine Fitness has been in operation since 1994, and they have a very dedicated clientele to show for it. Don’t believe us? Read some of the gushing testimonials on their website.