The Best Vacation Spots In Orange County

Planning a vacation with the family this summer? Why not choose a great vacation spot right here in the Lone Star State? Orange County sits right at the Texas/Louisiana border, on the northern shore of Sabine Lake.

In addition to being dotted by museums and historical sites, Orange County is bordered by two ecologically rich rivers, the Neches to the north and the Sabine River to the east. An abundance of cultural history and biodiversity make Orange a great place to visit for the adventurous nature tourist or history buff. There are quite a few attractions you and your family should try not to miss.

Stark Museum Of Art

You’ll find no collection of art from the American West more influential than those housed at the Stark Museum. Paintings, sculptures and exotic period pieces come together to form an awesome mosaic that truly brings the experience of the Old West to life.

Shangri La Botanical Gardens

The Shangri La Botanical Gardens and Nature Center sits on 252 acres of land in Orange and is described as “a place of beauty, peace and enlightenment.” The massive nature reserve is home to over 300 plant species. In addition to plant life, a number of fauna are also featured including a heron sanctuary, where a number of birds can be observed in their natural habitat.

Airboat Rides Inc

Imagine the wind whipping through your hair as you glide down the Sabine River on a 22-seat airboat with your family. Airboat Rides Inc. offers that experience. These exhilarating tours can take place at night or during the day, and offer a unique way to explore Orange County’s swamplands.

It would be impossible to list all the great natural and historical attractions available to be visited in Orange County. You can have access to all these great experiences year round and have the pleasure of living in this most interesting corner of Texas. Our Lifestyle Professionals at Modtown Realty Group can advise you on homes for sale in Orange County and help decide on a great house that suits you.