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Superb from the Curb: Five Tips for Improving Your Home’s Exterior This Spring

Curb appeal—the visual allure of a building as viewed from the outside—is a critical aspect of the home-selling process. Good-looking exteriors attract visitors. In fact, the National Association of Realtors asserts that 63 percent of people looking to buy a house will visit a home if they feel that its online photo is attractive. These five tips should help you maximize your home’s curb appeal.

Never Ignore Your Front Door 

When most people look at the front of a building, they tend to focus on the door first. Thus, it’s imperative to make a front door look its spiffiest. Clean it thoroughly, polish any metallic elements and perhaps give it a bold but tasteful paint job. Finally, you might add a wreath or other decorative feature to enhance its style.

Landscape Like a Champion 

According to Livingston Business and Real Estate Journal, high-quality landscaping can increase the price a home fetches. Specifically, homes with mediocre landscaping sell for 7 percent higher than those with messy landscaping; homes with excellent landscaping, meanwhile, go for 5 percent more than those with so-so landscaping. Mow, mulch, trim shrubs, plant flowers and do whatever else you can to make your lawn a green, growing oasis. Garden gates make lovely additions, as well.

Gutter Duty

Dirty gutters can send your curb appeal into the gutter. And, if your gutter system is old and bordering on decrepit, it’s probably worth the expense to replace it entirely. Copper gutters are impressive to behold, but be warned that they can be expensive. Alternately, vinyl gutters that snap into place are more affordable, and they’re simple to install.

State of the Art

Artwork can transform an outdoor space to a startling degree. Ornamental birdhouses and birdbaths lend touches of class, and statues and sculptures can enhance an overall color scheme. Further, wind chimes and fountains are lovely to look at, and a babbling fountain is enough to set many people at ease and make them feel at home. Just verify that all of your pieces of lawn art are clean and free of leaves.

Scrub Those Windows!

Finally, sparkling windows add beauty to homes in the same way that sparkling eyes make faces even more enticing. Before inviting prospective buyers to your home, hand every member of your family a sopping, soapy sponge, and be sure all of your windows shine bright.


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