SCORE Awards Orange County Businesses

SCORE, a volunteer nonprofit group with the U.S. Small Business Administration, has recognized two small businesses in Orange County, Texas with the outstanding veteran-owned and minority-owned small business awards.

The Orange County Register, a local news publication, reports that SCORE bestowed its outstanding veteran-owned small business award to Dog is Good, which sells pet-themed products in brick and mortar stores, online venues and trade shows. The Los Alamitos-based company is the brainchild of Jon and Gila Kurtz, but one that was helped by SCORE along the way. As the couple tells the source, the business was moving slowly until Gila met SCORE mentor Tom Patty at a women’s networking group.

Through a number of one-hour sessions over several years, Patty helped the Kurtzes hone their mission statement from being “about dog stuff” to targeting specific “people who love dogs as much as their children and are willing to spend money on them.” According to Jon, this marketing revamp helped the company net $1 million last year, a significant increase over $250,000 sales from 2009.

SCORE also bestowed its minority-owned small business award to ViArch Integrated Solutions Inc., a technology consulting firm owned by couple Angela and Eric Jones. Since opening their business in 2008, the Joneses have worked with SCORE mentors to help hone their marketing, sales and even lease negotiations for office space. Angela praised the help, remarking that the kind of free expertise SCORE offers has been crucial to their company.

Orange County is no stranger to success or residents building award-winning businesses for themselves, and these two couples are proof of that. For individuals looking to become a part of this kind of community, talk to the Lifestyle Professionals of Modtown Realty Group for help in finding a home best suited to your needs.