Redondo Re-Do

Look out Los Angeles! Redondo Beach is getting a makeover! A 300 million dollar makeover to be exact. This Redondo Beach Waterfront Revitalization will be executed by developer CenterCal and will include a revamped pier, new waterfront area, boutique hotel with waterfront access, refurbished buildings, and a fancy new 600 to 800 seat movie theatre. The new plans also show a “Seaside Lagoon restored to a more natural state; a revamped Redondo Beach Marina lined with a large boardwalk and many more specialty stores; and an open, park-like area with a water feature.” The Seaside Lagoon will include a heated saltwater pool next to the ocean which will keep it open year-round. The concept was designed to bring more locals down to the pier.

Redondo Beach is one of three Beach Cities located in Los Angeles. Originally part of the 1785 Rancho San Pedro Spanish land grant, it later became the South Redondo area. Redondo beach is a vibrant community that is infamous for their lively beach lifestyle. Some of the main Redondo activities include surfing, beach volleyball and surprisingly enough, film. Redondo beach was home to the filming of the iconic TV series “Baywatch”. Starting in the 1990’s beachgoers started opening up small businesses all along the pier selling surfboards, beachwear and surfing accessories, a far cry from what it used to be, a fishing and canning district. The beach is divided into North and South with North Redondo being primarily an inland experience with some of the cities major industry and commercial space and with South Redondo being more of a party scene, hosting a number of “street parties”.

MODTOWNREALTY is lucky to have one of our very own LifeStyle Professionals in the heart of Orange County and we are looking forward to expanding our reach to all of L.A. The Redondo Beach Re-Do is going to be a great incentive for Realtors to use. For any further questions please contact MODTOWNREALTY today!