LA Lobster Fest

Attention all seafood lovers: this is the event for you! Awarded the record for the Most Seafood Served at an Outdoor Event by the Guinness World Record in 2009, the LA Lobster Fest will be sure to send you into a seafood coma. Put on by the International Lobster Festivals Inc, the only company in California who specializes in producing lobster-themed events and whose motto is “Come for the feast, stay for the fun.”  This is the World’s largest lobster festival featured right off the Port of Los Angeles. From September 13th through the 15th, you and yours will be able to enjoy fresh, Maine Lobster alongside some awesome entertainment.

Lobsters lovers aren’t your typical seafood foodies. They crave, yearn and seek Lobster as if it was a way of life. Among the top picks for these Lobster lifers is the infamous Maine Lobster. This festival actually features Maine Lobster meals that are flown in fresh daily right from the cold, clean Atlantic Ocean and then cooked right before your eyes! And for a meager $20 bucks, what more could a Lobster Lover ask for? These meals are world famous because of the great bargain that guests at the festival receive. Alongside these tasty dishes will be San Pedro’s Fish Markets to serve you at your every seafood whim.

You can’t have a Lobster bash without entertainment, now can you. The festival and it’s sponsors have teamed up to give everyone exciting and unexpected entertainment like a pirate show and live music performances! I know what your’e thinking, “a pirate show”? It may seem strange at first but when you think about it, what goes better with seafood than ships and swash-buckling pirates? Nothing! It will be a theatrical performance with actual boats, costumes and performers. In addition to the pirate show will be live musical performances. Check out some of their lineup:

1. Big Black Delta: Brings his 21st century evolution/revolution post-disco era music to life.

2. Sad Robot: Featured songs on hit shows such as “Bones”, they have a unique sound you wont want to miss.

3. Deap Vally: This rock’n’roll duo is outrageous and they knit.

4. The Section Quartet: A rock band disguised as a string quartet.

5. Maria Del Pilar: Chilean-born star that fuses Latin & American music harmoniously

You won’t be disappointed in the free entertainment and you surely won’t be disappointed in the food so come out and come hungry! Tickets are selling fast and at only $10 for adults and free admission for kids under 12, it’s no wonder why.

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