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It’s a Seller’s Market in 2014

If you’re trying to decide whether you should sell your home, it might be time for you to spring into action. 2014 is already in full swing, and the Dallas-Fort Worth real estate market shows no signs of slowing down. The balance is shifting though, with the market tipping more and more in favor of sellers.

Home sales may have cooled slightly in December, but most experts attribute the decline to bad weather across the United States. Though sales dropped, the Standard & Poor’s/Case Schiller Index found that home prices continued to rise 10.2 percent through December 2013. According to Zillow, the median home price in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area is close to $145,000, but prices are much higher in many in-demand neighborhoods.

Pricing isn’t the only factor making Dallas such an attractive place for sellers. The buyers’ market is more competitive than it has been in the past 20 years, meaning sellers are in a good position to sell their homes quickly and at a fair price. Housing inventory is strikingly low, and many buyers are struggling to find a home.

If you have one to sell, there’s no time like the present. Area homebuilders aren’t building enough new homes to satisfy demand, so buyers who would have purchased new homes are now looking at pre-owned properties. Many Realtors report receiving multiple offers on homes within just a few hours of listing a property, many of them resulting in competitive bidding wars that drove up the final price.

In fact, the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area is one of the best places in the country to be a home seller. California-based real estate marketing firm ZipRealty used factors including total days on the market, home prices and inventory to get a picture of how sellers fare in some of the country’s largest cities. Not surprisingly, Dallas ranked as the seventh-best city to sell a home.

With all of these factors in mind, making the decision to sell your home might be a little easier. In order to get the best price for your home and sell it in a timely fashion, you’ll need an experienced real estate professional. The real estate experts at Modtown Realty Group can market and sell your home efficiently and quickly, all while helping you find a great new place to fit your lifestyle.