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Five Tips for Selling Your Home in the Spring

With springtime being the busiest season for real estate, owners who are planning to put their houses on the market can streamline the process by following a few simple steps. If you are a potential spring seller, here are five actions to take now before the April showers and May flowers hit:

Start Interviewing Real Estate Agents

The agent you choose to list your home can affect the time it takes to sell it and how much you realize on the sale price. Get referrals from friends and set appointments to interview several agents from different brokerages. Start by making a list of questions to ask about their experience, their marketing plan and their knowledge of your area. Look for agents who can provide a detailed market analysis with the latest data. The team of brokers and agents at Modtown is ready to assist you and make the entire selling process as quick and easy as possible.

Begin Packing

It sounds a little crazy to bring out the boxes before your house is listed, but you will need to do it just the same. Getting organized now will give you a head start on this tedious task. This does not mean you should pack all the china and eat off paper plates. However, you can organize the attic, storage closets, garage or basement to decide what to keep and what to sell or donate. By doing this now, you will free up space and make your home look roomier and more inviting.

Clear Out the Clutter

If you take some time to visit a professionally staged home, you will not see unpaid bills stacked on the kitchen counter, piles of magazines or children’s crafts taped to the refrigerator. While most families have these little clutter clusters in their house, buyers want to imagine their own items in their new dream home. Clearing away the clutter and keeping the house neat will help them do that.

Home Improvement

While this does not necessarily mean an expensive, major renovation project, you can make small repairs and improvements that will freshen up the appearance for buyers. Try updating old light fixtures and ceiling fans, replacing the grout and caulk in the bathroom and changing doorknobs, switch plates and other older hardware for a cleaner look. In addition, painting the baseboards or front door will improve the overall appeal.

Conduct Some Market Research

While your agent should provide you with solid market research, if you are planning to purchase another home, you will need to decide whether to make an offer contingent on selling yours or selling your home first. An experienced real estate agent can help you analyze and compare the two markets. This will help you estimate how long you will need to find a new home and how you intend to finance the new home as well. Therefore, consulting with a lender will play a key role in the matter. Modtown can provide you with a quick, free market snapshot to get the whole process started.

If you start preparing for selling your home this spring, you will be all set to move quickly when homebuyers come out of winter hibernation. Contact Modtown today and see just how easy we can make it to sell your house and get you into a new home.