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Dallas’ Booming Craft Beer Scene

When one thinks of great American beer cities, they probably think of Boston, St. Louis, Boulder or Milwaukee. These cities are known for beer and have been pioneers in the development of craft brews. When it comes to Texas, though, Houston and Austin might merit a mention, but that’s usually as far as people get.

Forget everything you know.

Right here in Dallas is a young but persistent group of craft beer makers who are putting Big D on the map, with impressive brews and stylish execution. It’s an exciting time to be in the D-FW craft beer business—North Texas boasts more than 10 independent establishments. It’s an even more exciting time to be a beer drinker.

Ask any local beer enthusiast and watch their face light up as they talk about their favorite local beer. (Trust us, they’ll have one.) Here are some of the top breweries around:

Four Corners

Located west of downtown Dallas, Four Corners’ mascot is a rooster, representing their common-man mentality—with surprisingly beautiful features. Their beers include the Local Buzz Honey-Rye Golden Ale, Red’s Roja American Red Ale, Block Party Robust Porter, La Bajada Brown Ale and Paletero Pale Ale. They host free tours every Saturday at noon and 1:30PM. Swing by their “All Day Alehouse” Wednesday through Fridays, 5PM to 10PM; Saturdays, noon to 10PM or Sundays, 2PM to 8PM.

Deep Ellum Brewing Co.

After being sick and tired of the “same old dull, watered-down stuff,” four beer enthusiasts created a their own brewery in the heart of Deep Ellum. Now celebrating more than two years in operation, it’s put beers like Deep Ellum IPA and Deep Ellum Dallas Blonde on the map. For $10, you can get a tour, glass and complimentary beer Thursdays from 6PM to 8:30pm and Saturdays from noon to 3PM.

Community Beer Co.

This downtown brewery is located across the street from the home of the Mavericks and Stars, making “Community” a fitting name. The brewery plays host to many events, including tours, music and art shows, charitable events, Beer School, pre-game functions and more. Its Taproom is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, selling brews by the glass.

Lakewood Brewing

A family-owned brewery based in East Dallas, Lakewood Brewing was founded by Belgium-born and Dallas-bred Wim Bens. Driven by a passion for bringing Belgian-style beer stateside, this brewery has come a long way in three years, especially considering it started in Bens’ basement. Tours take place from noon to 3PM every Saturday and will only set you back $10 (includes a souvenir glass, four 8 oz. samples and informal tour).

Peticolas Brewing Co.

Michael Peticolas learned everything he knew about brewing beer from his mom, Jacque Peticolas, who would make her family Mexican-style beer during the hot El Paso summers. Peticolas now resides on several North Texas taps, with unique brews such as Wintervention and Velvet Hammer.

And these are just the breweries located in Dallas proper. Many of Dallas’ ’burbs and neighboring cities are getting in on the action. There’s 903 Brewers in Sherman, Franconia Brewing Co. in McKinney, Rahr & Sons Brewing Co in Fort Worth and Revolver Brewing Company in Granbury.

North Texas cities are competitive with one another in almost every regard, but when it comes to beer, if it’s good and it’s from the Lone Star State, it’s going to find its way onto a tap at local watering holes.

Speaking of watering holes, though many Dallas restaurants serve the aforementioned beers, some of them go above and beyond to satisfy the desire for local ale. Here’s where you’ll find Dallas craft beers—and plenty of them—throughout Big D:

M Streets / Lower Greenville
Blind Butcher
Truck Yard
Dallas Beer Kitchen
The Bottle Shop

Deep Ellum
Anvil Pub
Sandbar Cantina

Ginger Man
Katy Trail Ice House
The Social House

LUCK (Trinity Groves)
Three Sheets

Munger Place & Junius Heights Neighborhood
Craft & Growler
Lee Harvey’s