Bottles & Booze

OC – love spectator sports? Looking for something to do this week? Well, look out because bottles and booze will be flying August 7th & 8th at the World Championship Solar Flair Competition at Dave and Busters in Irvine, California.

Solar Flair is the only major lever 25 Flair Bartending Competition in the nation. With over $15,ooo given away in prize money, this competition brings out the worlds best Flair Bartenders to compete head-to-head  in intense battles.

5280 Flair started with two bartenders from TGI Friday who would compete against each other then realized there was a huge demand for this kind of sport. They started the Denver Flair Bartending club to promote the art of Flair Bartending and training was offered. This brought a bigger demand for Flair to Denver and after only a few months 5280 Flair launched as the only Flair Bartending company in Colorado.

Since then, 5280 Flair has exploded all over the country. They ignited the bartending scene with their Flair routines and training with the biggest Flair states being Colorado, California and Arizona. They have been able to aquire some very reputable liquor and mixer sponsors from all over. Subsequently 5280 has hosted some of the biggest Flair Bartending competitions, ever.

5280 offers a host of different services with everything from Event Bartending, say at your wedding, to Mixologist services, that will offer you and your guests tasty, alcoholic delights. 5280 also provides for Flair Training, so if you have been looking for a new hobby or say a change of career, then contact them today to get on the fast track to fun!

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