Best Gifts of 2015

Still scrambling to buy your loved ones gifts? Wondering what your weird aunt wants amidst her seven cats? Modtown Blog has the answer to any and all holiday anxieties! Whether you’re looking for a gift for your father-in-law who’s a whiskey enthusiast or your best friend who loves to travel, Modtown has your back.

Whiskey Wedge 


Give the whiskey drinker in your life a new and artful way to enjoy their favorite liquor! The Whiskey Wedge is also designed to melt slower than normal ice cubes so the whiskey is not watered down. It costs $17.95 at most retail stores. Get one for the aspiring bartender in your life, and clink your glasses to the Christmas season!

Cork Globe


For the aspirational adventurer in your friend group, get them something to help them pursue their wildest traveling dreams. Why not this eye-catching cork globe to help them track their travels using tacs and string? It costs $129.00 on most websites–a small price to pay for your beloved voyager.

Amplifying Phone Case by Mik


For the music lover, give them an amplifying phone case–it’s a speaker wherever you want it! $25.00 for music anytime, anywhere; whether it’s to enjoy with a group of friends or play in your room, this amplifying case is perfect!



For the fitness enthusiast or for an aspiring fitness enthusiast, give them the gift that keeps on giving–the FitBit! The FitBit tracks every step you take and every calorie you burn. You can also track your calorie intake and your exercise to ensure optimal weight loss (or maintenance). It’s a convenient and accessible way to lose your holiday weight!

Any and all of these gifts are great for this holiday season! Give your loved ones the gifts they want in 2015–Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!