‘Battle of the Paddle’ comes to Orange County

Over in Orange County, the sun may always shine, but the water doesn’t get any warmer. Two weekends from now, paddle board racers from around the world will participate in the sixth annual “Battle of the Paddles.”

Rainbow Sandals and Gerry Louis will be hosting this competitive outdoor event at Doheny State Beach on September 28 and 29. During this two-day event, spectators should expect to see competitive races as well as Guinness World Record displays. This year, the Battle of the Paddle received more than 1,000 entries for their amateur to relay competitions–this upcoming event is a great way to get friends and family outside.

Sponsors of the “Battle of the Paddle” consider this an outdoor festival, offering paddle board demonstrations to teach prospective new racers how to maneuver themselves in the water like the professionals. Inspired riders will have access to the top paddle board retailers with steep discounts.

On Saturday, the organization plans on hosting the world’s “largest paddle board race” with 404 participants along the Dana Point, California beach. Last year’s attempt was successful, but they are hoping to continue to set the bar higher for the future. Sunday’s world record attempt will be another attempt to break Cape Town, South Africa’s record of “the most surfers riding a single wave.” Battle of the Paddle riders were 15 shy of meeting this goal.

The popularity of stand-up paddle (SUP) races and the Battle of the Paddle encouraged other states like Hawaii to host its own race since it started in 2008, according to SUP Racer. This year, Brazil hosted its first Battle of the Paddles event, evidence that paddle races have become one of the world’s fastest-growing water sports.

Residents in Orange County are surrounded by national and local events like the “Battle of the Paddles.” Future homeowners who are looking to move to a vibrant region with lots to offer should look into Orange County real estate.