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Buying or selling a home is one of the most important decisions you can make in your lifetime. A home is not only a residence, but an expression of your lifestyle and an environment where your family will grow together. Because this decision is such a substantial one, it requires a tremendous amount of patience, determination, and extensive knowledge about the housing market. At Modtown Realty, our team of professionals are well-versed in the real estate market, and trained to create and implement solutions to assist you in your search of buying or selling a house.

Success in today's real estate market requires a combination of knowledge as well as cutting-edge technology to best suit each individual's needs. Our team uses advanced programs and research methods in order to best help our clients buy or sell their property. We have pioneered a real estate approach that focuses primarily on lifestyle; this redesigned objective allows us to give our clients the best possible real estate experience.
There is no better real estate firm than Modtown. We love our new home and our lifestyle now. Thank you, Modtown Realty! We love our new home and our lifestyle now.We love our new home and our lifestyle now.
Beth and Cliff
There is no better real estate firm than Modtown. We love our new home and our lifestyle now. Thank you, Modtown Realty! There is no better real estate firm than Modtown. We love our new home and our lifestyle now. Thank you, Modtown Realty!
Beth and Cliff
There is no better real estate firm than Modtown. We love our new home and our lifestyle now. Thank you, Modtown Realty!
Beth and Cliff

The Best Solution

Modtown understands the needs the complex nature of developing a new project or building multiple units. Our Modtown Commercial team is a seasoned group of talented professionals that can help you find the right land at the right price. We can even introduce you to local banks that are eager and ready to help you with financing.

Partnering with Modtown Commercial is a good idea simply because it frees you up to focus on development and we can help you find the right location and the right financing if you like. Call us or contact us today and get the ball rolling.

The Best Solution


Modtown possesses an unparalleled commitment to going the extra mile to ensure that there is an expert in every possible field of real estate on our team, such as broker associates, a marketing director, digital director, and a group of skillful and enthusiastic realtors. This variety of expertise allows us the unique ability to excel in each element of the sales process while providing our clients the optimal level of service that is incredibly lucrative when buying or selling a home.  

Our website provides access to a plethora of online tools that allow you to search properties in whichever way best suits you. It is incredibly easy and up-to-date, providing extensive and intimate knowledge of various potential homes.

Values & Interest-Centric

We at Modtown Realty believe that it is not where you live, but how you live, that determines what sort of residence best suits you and your family. With our new system and attention to each client's lifestyle, we are able to sort through various types of listings, both local and regional, to decipher which house is optimally suited for your lifestyle preferences.

New Construction Homes

Modtown helps our clients find new construction homes in the areas you want to live. With all the resale homes on the market, let us find you that New Constuction home with a Builders Warranty, New EVERYTHING, and the peace of mind that comes with owning a New Home.


When you work with the Modtown Realty Group, you will greatly benefit from the variety of services that we have to offer that adapts to this fluctuating market. We stay at the helm of the modern approaches to the housing market. While we do honor traditional methods, we focus primarily on the incorporation of technological innovations, particularly in social media and web marketing, that keep us ahead of the competition. We work with our clients to create individualized advertising solutions that target your key areas with the types of messages that people will respond to best. We possess this unique ability because we have a team of knowledgeable realtors as well as a marketing team that ensure the best possible results for our clients.   We can create a virtual tour of your property that can be accessed online, allowing visitors to preview your home and take a "stroll" between the rooms in a way that is convenient for both you and the buyer! This is just one example of how the Modtown Realty Group stays ahead of the real estate curve; we know that a property with ample visibility and accessibility will be the one that receives the most attention, and we use technology to ensure that your property is well-received.   The Modtown Realty Group understands the market's needs and strives to deliver unique marketing campaigns to our clients. You can learn more about our advertising services and other facets of our business by calling our offices today.